What to look for when choosing a carpet cleaning company

What to look for when choosing a Carpet Cleaning Company

Over the years, we’ve had countless phone calls from people upset after receiving a service from a carpet cleaning company that didn’t produce the results that they promised.
Unfortunately it’s very easy for a carpet cleaner to cut corners, cheaper solutions, cheaper equipment and then do half the job, if we had a pound for every time a client said the last company didn’t do that !
Choosing the cheapest quote isn’t the best idea, we could half our fixed prices and do a refresh clean only as this takes half the time but delivers half the results possible !
So what to look for when choosing a carpet cleaning company to clean your carpets and upholstery, here is what you should look for.
1. Testimonials and reviews from past clients.
2. Are they professionally trained members of the NCCA?
3. Do they have insurance?
4. What equipment do they use, is it industrial?
5. Do they wear a uniform, is the van sign written?
6. Do they offer fixed price quotes, will they then try and upsell in the home?
7. Do they offer a money back guarantee if for any reason you are not happy?
We are owner operated and look at the bigger picture, if we do the very best job we can when cleaning your carpets and upholstery and charge you a fair price you will not only use us again but recommend us to friends and family.
Unfortunately there are many ways in this industry to cut corners, we could charge half of what we normally do if you just want a refresh clean, this doesn’t deliver the results and isn’t something we would ever offer a client. The same has to be said for companies offering different services of clean, some call it a Bronze, Silver or Gold clean, shouldn’t you just be getting the Gold service from the start as we only offer this. Check out our Facebook page (link below) for examples of our work.