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We love cleaning upholstery. If you are looking for a professional upholstery cleaning in Kent and the surrounding areas then you have come to the right people,  Carpet Pro have you covered. Our carpet technicians are fully trained and experienced to work on all upholstery and produce the best results. Prices are competitive and fixed and fair! Get in touch now by calling 0800 099 6690 or by emailing us.

Expert Carpet Cleaners

Our technicians are all NCCA Members and are fully trained and equipped with the most effective ECO chemicals available today. Our pet friendly solutions and sanitizers help with those unexpected accidents that occur. Our local carpet and upholstery cleaners always spot test an area before we begin to determine any colour fastness, in order to ensure they use the correct solutions and methods to clean your upholstery.

There is not a one solution / chemical to remove all soiling and stains. Each must be assessed and individually treated.

Why choose Carpet Pro?

Carpet Cleaning Prices list

For years, we’ve been providing quality upholstery cleaning for our customers all over Kent. We only clean carpets and upholstery as its what we do best. Interested in finding out how much it costs for cleaning your sofa, we have fixed pricing, ask for a quote today.

Carpet Pro offers some of the most competitive prices in Kent. Have a look at our upholstery and carpet cleaning prices list. Ever wondered how much it costs for upholstery and carpet cleaning in and around Kent? 

We clean upholstery for Gold 4 Stage CleanDiamond Protect Clean
Armchair £35.00£49.00
2 Seater Sofa £59.00£79.00
3 Seater Sofa £79.00£109.00
4 Seater Sofa £99.00£149.00
5 Seater Sofa £129.00£179.00
Single Mattress £29.00£39.00
Double Mattress £39.00£49.00
King Mattress £49.00£59.00
Curtains, half length pair £39.00£49.00
Curtains, full length pair £49.00£59.00
Dining chair or cushion £7.50£10.00
Car Upholstery £79.00£60.00

Gold 4 Stage Clean – Hoover – PreSpray – Treat Stains – Agitate – Rinse and Extract – Deodorise.

Diamond Protect – As Above but includes Nano Protect (advanced Scotchguard protection) and a 3mth Stain Warranty – Any stains and we will come back and remove stain for free. Recommended for Upholstery.

Note: Our minimum job charge is £65.00

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Since we are local to the area you live in, as we cover all of Kent, we do not charge based on the distance our technicians have to travel to get to your property.

Instead, we have calculated our prices according to the size of the upholstery or the room you need to clean. It is best if you call us direct to assess the type and the condition of the upholstery and carpets which require cleaning at your property.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Our experience in the industry has shown that the most effective approaches is steam and dry treatments. This is supported by the leading carpet manufacturers.

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Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction – known as steam carpet cleaning, this method uses equipment that sprays heated water, as well as chemicals, on the carpet. At the same time, it vacuums the sprayed water along the dirt that has been dislodged or dissolved. It is widely recommended by most carpet manufacturers as the most efficient method to clean most types of carpets.

  • Recognised as the most efficient method among industry experts
  • Reduces allergen amounts significantly – good solution for families with little children and pets
  • All bio-contaminants such as microbes, mites and bed bugs are destroyed by the heated water
  • It allows for 100% eco cleaning for carpets which are not extremely dirty
  • Air quality is significantly improved after a procedure as air filtering ability of the textile floor is renewed
  • We operate high powered Prochem™  hot water extraction equipment

Dry Compound Method

Dry powder treatment – This method involves spreading biodegradable cleaning compound evenly over the carpet. It is then brushed or scrubbed in to the fibres. The substance attracts dirt and grime, which are then vacuumed off leaving the carpet both clean and dry.

  • Suitable for delicate natural fabrics vulnerable to water damage
  • Little to no moisture is used which eliminates the need for drying time
  • Good solutions for cleaning big facilities without the luxury for off-time
  • No risk of sticky shampoo residue or mold problems
  • It is significantly faster method but the results are not as thorough when compared to hot water extraction

How To Book Your Service

You can arrange a service with our expert carpet cleaning crew on 0800 099 6690. Our back office team can help with your booking arrangements, answer questions about our cleaning procedures or tell you more about our affordable carpet cleaning in Kent. When you want your homes carpets cleaned by one of the best cleaners around, don’t hesitate to call us!