Ways to clean your carpet

Top 7 Ways To Clean Your Carpet

Looking for ways to clean your house? One of the ways is to thoroughly clean all your carpets which will eventually make your house more refreshing and beautiful. Carpets are warm on your feet during all the seasons. Nothing can beat the soft feeling carpets give in winters and in the summers too when you walk barefoot. On top of that, they add the final touch to your room. They make your room look more classy and organized.           


Given all these benefits, cleaning all the carpets of your house becomes a responsibility. One cannot avoid or postpone the carpet cleaning routine anyhow. Especially if you have pets or kids who love to roam all day long, you must clean the carpets more often. Usually people do it once a week but it should be twice a week, again, if you have children around. So, How do I clean my carpet? Well, we have listed some of the very common ways of cleaning a carpet that you should follow –

Lint Remover 

You must have gone through the experience when you just can’t get rid of crud, hairs, crumbs even after how hard you vacuum. Vacuuming is helpful but is it enough? Maybe not. Well, don’t feel bad because this is a common problem and you are not alone. The solution is to buy a lint remover which will help in the removal of hair, lint or other small fibres from your carpet. You can also go for a carpet cleaning program to get professional service. 


Baking Soda Can Be a Saviour 

This is the most common and widely used phenomena in households. Baking Soda has some unique chemical properties that cause dirt and grease to dissolve in water. And for cleaning carpets, it is known as the easiest way. 


Before trying out any way, always keep in mind to start the process by vacuuming the carpet to get rid of loose soil, dirt, and dust. One should know how to vacuum carpets the right way.  Skipping this part would be nothing but to push the soil deeper into the fibres.  All you have to do is some salt and baking soda. Mix to have a solution and then fill a spray bottle with cold water. 


Now, just sprinkle the baking soda and salt mixture on the carpet and leave it for 5-10 minutes. After that, you can use a scrub brush to deeply clean the carpet. Be pretty harsh while you do the cleaning as that will help the dirt to come out faster.


Vinegar Solution 

This is also an easy one where you have to mix some distilled white vinegar and cold water to get a solution. Now you just have to spray the vinegar solution into the carpet and leave it for some time to let the soil break. Use a cleaning cloth to clean the carpet and keep changing the water as it turns soiled. Now keep all the windows and doors open until the carpet dries properly. Avoid placing anything on the carpet until it’s completely dry. 

Shoe Caps Can Help 

Shoe caps are one of the great carpet cleaning hacks in order to prevent dust and dirt from getting stuck to your carpet. Let’s say you have an important function to throw and people will come to your place and will roam all around your house. Make sure to ask them if they can wear the shoe caps inside. Also be alert and aware to stop any activity that invites more dust into your house. 

Ice Cubes Are a Good Trick 

This is a special trick which most of you would be unaware of. It is mostly used for the marks left on the carpets, usually from furniture. These marks are a bit irritating. Well, not irritating for long as you can get the same old look of your carpet with the help of ice-cubes. Place an ice-cube on the mark and wait for the ice to melt. Once it gets dry, you can use your hand to fluff that area and your carpet will be all set. 

Use a Squeegee 

So, you are a pet lover and can’t live without them. And now you are worried about their hair that is all over your room, bed and carpets Well, pet hair is quite troubling when it comes to removing them from the carpet as just vacuuming doesn’t help. Even lint removers don’t work that well in this case. You are left with the option to buy squeegee


Though they are mostly used for cleaning windows but are proven helpful in removing stubborn substances like pet hair. You must be wondering how to use a squeegee. Just water the squeegee and use it the same way as it’s used on a window. 


Be More Aware 

Last but not least, be aware of what’s going on in your house. Make sure no family member walks the carpet with their shoes on. This is the most common cause why your carpets get dirty so often. And keeping the carpet clean is not only the responsibility of your mom or elder sister, each and every house member should be aware all the time. 


Prevent any sort of action or activity which can cause dirt and dust to sit on your expensive carpet. Prevention is as important as the maintenance is. And awareness will not only help you in keeping your carpets clean, but will also make you more responsible towards the house.