professional carpet cleaning services

What Professional Service You Can Get From Us?

Whether it’s your annual house cleaning day or you are moving to a new place, professional companies offering carpet cleaning in Tonbridge are the perfect choice for anyone who wishes to have their carpet cleaned. It’s convenient, easy and requires no effort from your side. But, did you know that professional carpet cleaning services offer more than just carpet cleaning? 

They are highly skilled cleaners with the best industrial grade chemicals and equipment which can be employed in more than just deep cleaning your carpet. If you weren’t aware, here’s a brief introduction to some other cleaning services offered by carpet cleaning companies that you can try. 

Rug Cleaning

Besides carpets, rugs are another piece of fabric that adorn our beautiful home. But, rugs also take some of the most traffic in the house and therefore need to be cleaned frequently. 

Now, most people think that there’s not much difference between rugs and carpets. And due to this misunderstanding, it is often assumed that rugs can be cleaned in the same way as carpets. But, that’s far from the truth. 

Rugs are constructed keeping in mind mobility and the amount of traffic it gets. This is why most area rugs are made with a dense pile as it easily traps dust and dirt. And due to the dense pile, vacuuming alone is not able to take out all the dirt trapped in the rugs.

Besides, if you have a beautiful rug with intricate designs, you would not want to risk bleeding the colours. 

A professional company will take care of every single thing and give you a rug that’s clean and good as new. 

Upholstery Cleaning

Your upholstery often goes unnoticed during your cleaning sprees. Besides carpets and rugs, upholstery can trap a lot of dust and trigger allergies, infections and more. And that’s not all. All the accidental spills can build up and turn into mold that’s another cause for severe allergies

If you are not up for the hard work and effort required in cleaning your upholstery, let professionals do it. You can ask your company offering carpet cleaning in Tonbridge for upholstery cleaning and they will use the best techniques to draw every bit of dust out of it. 

Stain Removal

Stains are the hardest to deal with. You can use your DIY hacks to get rid of the wine you spilled last night or pet accidents that never seem to end, it’s never a 100% success. Even if you use high grade cleaners, the stains often show up again. 

Forget this never ending tussle with stains. You don’t have to do it yourself when you have professionals for the job. Most carpet cleaning services also offer guarantees to ensure that the customer gets quality stain removal and doesn’t have to deal with it again.  

Commercial Cleaning

Besides domestic carpets and upholsteries, you can also choose a commercial cleaning service to get dirty carpets cleaned. This allows businesses like hotels, shops, schools, offices and other commercial properties to get a deep cleaning by professionals. 

Since these places are spread across a larger scale than regular houses, it’s the best alternative to replacing the dirty carpets or doing it yourself. The professionals have your back and complete the job as per your requirements. You can easily choose the timings to get the service done during or after working hours. 

Cleaning Methods Used By Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

For most people, it is the cleaning techniques and methods employed by the company that helps them decide whether to hire their services or not. 

While there are many cleaning methods used by different companies, the top methods that are used by most carpet cleaning companies are as follows:

Hot Water Extraction

As the name suggests, the method involves spraying pressurized hot water and chemicals on the carpet to agitate and dissolve all the dirt, mold and other nasty things hiding in your carpet. 

Once the chemicals start working, the carpet is scrubbed with a brush and the water is vacuumed along with all the dirt leaving behind a completely clean carpet or rug. The next step is to let the carpet dry out slowly.  

Hot water extraction method is one of the most common yet most efficient carpet cleaning methods as it cleans most of the dirt and significantly reduces the amount of allergens in the house. 


Dry Powder Cleaning Method

Dry powder cleaning method is one of the latest technologies used in the carpet cleaning industry. The process involves spreading a cleaning compound all over the carpet which is then brushed thoroughly into the fibers to attract all the dirt, mold or grime. The next step is to vacuum all the powder to leave behind a clean carpet. 

Dry cleaning method brings you a combination of convenience and ease. That’s because you can skip the step of waiting for the carpet to dry out as the method involves no water or moisture. It also leaves behind the risk of any water damage or color bleeding. So, if you have rugs with intricate patterns, a dry cleaning method is the way to go.