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4 Organic And DIY Ways To Clean Your Carpets Like NEW!
professional carpet cleaning

Organic Ways To Get Professional Carpet Cleaning For The Summer

As we move into the warm summer months, it becomes important that every part of our house is impeccably cleaned. The summer light is known to warm up the house as well as brighten up every corner and crevice of your house. This means it is time to pay attention to the carpet that covers most of the floor of the house.  The Carpet. Now I would recommend that you call up someone who does professional carpet cleaning for the best results, but that is an inherently personal choice. I can help you with something else in the meantime. 


I’ll provide you some easy tips and tricks to make your carpet cleaner. Whether it is because you walk around a lot with shoes or a pet that is making your carpet a little dreary. A carpet manages to trap in a lot of dirt and other particles that are best not inhaled by you. The problem when you do something like this at home is that there are moments when you might not know your carpet fiber combination. So, the best thing to do is a spot check before you pour any kind of solution on the carpet.


Now, there are a lot of harsh chemicals on the market that claim to help you with cleaning your carpet  but the truth of the matter is that you need

Vacuuming is Essential to get professional carpet cleaning

The first thing that you need to do on a regular basis is vacuuming your carpet. Aim for at least once a week. This will help you remove all embedded dirt, sand, and dander or even if you don’t manage to remove it. You can at least keep it a little clean. Some places where you should be extremely careful about removing the dirt- under furniture, around furniture legs, and across the baseboards. 

Steam Vapor Is Great 

This is the safest way for you to clean the carpet. There are no ingredients that can cause any chemical reactions and certainly no accidental ingestion that one needs to worry about. Just plain old water doing its work. Now, for this, you will have to buy a machine. There are plenty of good ones available in the market. A good machine will use dry steam vapor to clean, deodorize and sanitize the product. 

Water, Vinegar & Salt

The first thing you need for this solution is a mixture of water and vinegar that uses two parts of water to one part of vinegar. This means that if you have one cup of water, you need to have half a cup of vinegar. Mix the two in a spray bottle and add a teaspoon of salt for every cup of water that you have used. This helps deal with stains that may be on your carpet. 


If you want a fresher scent then just add about 10 drops of the essential oil of your choice. Just ensure that you pick a clear essential oil, as one with color might stain your carpet. Some essential oils you can pick from include lavender, juniper, peppermint, lime, or geranium all of which depend on the scent you want your room to exude. 


This mixture is great for spot cleaning. So, once you have combined the mixture spray the area you want clean and then vacuum over it once it dries up. If you cannot find a spray bottle, then dip a cloth into the solution and dab. Always remember to dab and not rub. 


Baking Soda, Water & Vinegar

This classic combination has helped a lot of people. And yes, this is the same combination that is put in the science fair volcanoes but trust us, it does a lot more than that. Start by sprinkling baking soda over the place you want to be cleaned. If you want more of a deodorizing effect you can add a couple of drops of colorless essential oil. For the maximum effect let the baking soda sit on the stain for at least an hour or if possible overnight. 


Mix equal part vinegar and water in a spray bottle, then proceed to spray the mixture on top of the baking soda. This is when you will get a really nice fizzing reaction. After this is fone pat the area with a clean cloth to remove the stain. If you have a particularly stubborn stain you might need to repeat the process. 


Salt, Borax & Vinegar

Combine equal parts of salt, vinegar, and borax in a bowl. This should leave you with a paste. The most ideal proportion is considered to be about ¼ cup of each. It is advised that you wear gloves while handling this mixture as borax is known to be an irritant. 


Once you rub the mixture in the stained area, let it stay there for a couple of hours. If you have any children or pets in the house, keep them away from the area and ensure they don’t ingest it. Once the mixture dries up just vacuum it away. If the stain is still there at the end of the process, take a wet rag and keep rinsing periodically. 


This is a strong mixture and works really well for stains created because of pets and children. 


Baking Soda, Cornstarch, Cornmeal & Borax

This is a dry natural mix that you can use to clean the whole carpet.  Combine 2 cups baking soda, ½ cup cornstarch, ½ cup cornmeal, 1 tablespoon borax, 1 teaspoon cinnamon along a couple of leaves of bay leaves in a blender. Blend till the time you get a fine powder-like consistency. 


Esure your carpet is dry before application and sprinkle it all over. Uniformly spread it with a brush and let it stay for as long as possible. The best thing would be to leave it overnight. Just ensure that your kids and pets do not go near the carpet as borax should not be ingested.  Vacuum your carpet thoroughly when you feel like you have had enough. 

There are all ways you can keep your carpet clean by things you find at home. I would still recommend you get a professional carpet cleaning team at least once a year to ensure that your carpets are spotless.