Carpet Cleaning services Kent

Carpet Cleaning Services Kent

Look at your carpet. Looks clean right? But it’s dirtier than you can imagine. 


Your beautiful carpet is a hoarder. Everything that comes into your home, stays on your carpet. You might not believe me since you cannot visibly see it. That’s because these nasty things are not there on the surface and sometimes even invisible to the naked eye. 


And don’t think your regular vacuuming can take care of it all. Because there’s a reason why you are always advised to get professional carpet cleaning services in Kent at least once a year.


So, let’s take a look at all the nasty secrets that your carpet may be keeping from you. 

Dirt and Dust

I’m sure you are well aware of how easily dirt settles on the carpet, upholsteries and rugs. Some evidence even put a number of 1lb to that amount. But that’s not where it ends. It can store up more if not cleaned on time. 


The high number is mostly because of the carpet fiber that acts as a trap for the tiny particles. Once these particles are done roaming in the air, they settle down and stick to the fibers. 


The amount of traffic your carpet experiences can decide how dirty it might be. And considering that most people take their dirty footwear on the carpet, you might be looking at a very dirty carpet. 


Also, all the soil and dirt that settles deep into the carpet fibers can also be slowly tearing it down, thereby decreasing its life. 


Do you wonder why you get really bad allergies even when you clean your home, change the filters of your air purifier and have no pets? Well, the culprit here can be your carpet. 


Carpets are like a sponge. They take in everything that comes to their vicinity. Allergens and dust mites are one of the many things hiding in your carpet. 


It takes a slight crack in your window for the pollen to enter your home. And in some cases, carpets can become infested with dust mites which can very easily trigger allergies and even asthma attacks in people suffering respiratory conditions. 


Think your vacuum cleaner can help get rid of all this and make your carpet clean? Think again. Vacuum cleaners may in fact make these allergens airborne by releasing the dirt back into the air and cause more serious issues. 


The only way out is a steam cleaner or a professional cleaning service. They have the right tools to make your carpet 100% clean without having to deal with the release of allergens in the air. 

Bacteria and Viruses

Since we are talking about everything your carpet can store, let’s not forget about more serious contaminants like bacteria and viruses. 


Your carpet is a very convenient breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Especially in houses where carpets are not paid much attention, they can be the reason for your possible hospitalization. 


Some of the serious bacterias that can grow in carpets are salmonella, E Coli and campylobacter. These microscopic contaminants are definitely not visible on the surface and require proper disinfection. And guess who can do it better than you? Professional carpet cleaning services in Kent


Molds are a sign that your carpet is disgusting and possibly holds more harmful things. Molds might be easily visible or need experts to detect them. If you are not careful, it may spread to other areas of your home too. 


When you spill your food or drinks on the carpet, you can remove the stain from the surface easily. But, those things don’t take much time to seep deeper into the fibers which are often unreachable for home appliances. 


With time, these things can easily mold up and cause health problems too. Mold can develop even when you don’t spill anything on your carpet. 


Mold spores suspended in the air can find a happy breeding ground in your carpet if it’s placed in a humid place. 


Human Skin

Humans can lose as many as five thousand million skin cells every day. Where do you think these dead cells land? Your pillow, bedsheets, blanket and carpets. And the more people you have in your home, the higher the skin flakes on your carpet. 


That’s not all. If you have pets, add their dead skin and hair to the heap of dust. And all this can cause dust mites which in turn lead to allergies. 


Now, you can deep clean your sheets and covers but what about the carpet. I can’t emphasize it enough that your carpets take the contaminants deep into the fibers. So, let professionals take care of it. 

Pet Residues

If you own pets, you need to be extra careful about the hygiene of your carpets. If you have furry pets, you must be aware of how they shed non-stop. And your carpets and rugs attract it very easily. While regular vacuuming can help keep the hair off the carpet, a deep cleaning a year is necessary for all the excretion that is settled deep into the thin fibers. 

Why Is it Best to Go For Carpet cleaning services Kent?

First of all, they are professionals. They have all the industrial-grade tools and chemicals to deep clean and disinfect your carpets. Your homemade solutions are no match to that. 


Secondly, they are experienced. They know how to deal with different types of carpets and different stains in an efficient manner and without harming the carpet in any way. 


Last but not the least, a professional cleaning once a year will prolong the life of your carpet. So, you have all the reasons to go for it.