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6 Myths About Carpet Cleaning in Kent You Think Are True

Misinformation has a way of creeping into every little thing. Whether it is health, politics or a topic as simple as carpet cleaning in Kent.


Over the years, professional carpet cleaners have realized that people are not fully aware of the best ways to maintain their beautiful carpets. While some think professional cleaning is optional, others don’t like to think beyond vacuuming. 


But the truth is that these are all myths that have taken over the general understanding of the public. As professionals, it is our duty to make sure that you get acquainted with the truth. So, here are 6 myths about carpet cleaning that you think are true but are not.

Myth 1: Regular Vacuuming Is Enough

Do you vacuum regularly? If yes then don’t fret because it’s a good thing. Vacuuming is important to prevent all the dust and debris from settling in the carpet and around your house. But, the real question is- is it enough? 

Not really. 


The intensity and frequency of vacuuming will depend on the amount of dust that enters your house, the number of people in your home and other factors. But, even when you use your vacuum cleaner regularly, it will not be able to tackle deep seated dust, mites, stains and other nasty things that your carpets have been hiding from you. 

So, no matter how frequently you clean your carpet, vacuuming will never be enough and you need to hire professionals to get the dirt settled deep into the fibres.

Myth 2: My Carpet Is Clean Because It Looks Clean

Your carpet doesn’t have a stain? Looks dust free? Well, you need to understand that looks can be deceptive. The microfibres of your carpet can hold the tiniest of particles which are not visible to naked eye. Spores from the window or your clothes can land on the carpet and develop into visible carpet mold within no time. And a spill that happened a long time ago seems to be gone but is probably settled at the bottom of the carpet and turning moldy too. 


These are situations that need the attention of a professional. Your vacuum or steam cleaner may be able to tackle the situation for the time being, but it’s important to have a professional use their tools and industrial grade cleaners to get rid of every nasty thing that may be hiding in your carpet.

Myth 3: Only Old Carpets Need Professional Cleaning

Old carpets need cleaning. But ‘old’ is not the only criterion to decide whether you should get your carpet cleaned or not. 


One way to decide whether your carpet is dirty or not is the amount of traffic it gets. Do you always have people around? Do you take your shoes on the carpet? Do you have pets? If your answer is a yes to any of these questions, your carpet will get dirty faster than you think. And at that point, hiring professional carpet cleaning services at least once a year will become a necessity rather than an option.

Myth 4: DIYs Always Work

Baking soda, vinegar, talcum, etc. are some of the DIY cleaning hacks for carpets. And they may even work perfectly in some cases. For instance, vinegar and baking soda are a great way to get rid of any strong odor due to a spill. But, baking soda is not the best cleaner. It can also be difficult to get rid of every little particle from the carpet.


While it’s completely fine to use DIY hacks on your carpet (only after testing on a small patch), it is no match to the high quality cleaning agents used by professional cleaning services.

Myth 5:Regular Cleaning Will Reduce the Life of My Carpet

It’s a common misconception that regular cleaning decreases the life and shine of a carpet. Well, let me break it to you that it’s anything but the truth. 


Getting your carpets cleaned at least once a year will keep them as good as new for a long time. In fact, most carpet companies offer a warranty on their carpets only when they are maintained and professionally cleaned annually.

Myth 6: Professional Carpet Cleaning In Kent Is Expensive

Most people steer clear from hiring a professional service for carpet cleaning in Kent because of the price tag. Now, since you are hiring professionals, your wallet will bear the brunt. But since it is only an annual thing and necessary to increase the life of your carpet, such expense is worth it. 

You can always get a quote before hiring a service. At Carpet Pro, you can request a free quote online to get the closest estimate of what you’ll be paying.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have gone through some of the most common myths about carpet cleaning, I’m sure you’ve understood the importance of hiring professionals too. Carpet cleaning services exist for a reason. They have the experience, tools, team and knowledge to deep clean your old or new carpet. 


So, if your misunderstandings are clear, make sure to connect with a professional and get your carpets cleaned at least once a year.