how to Vacuum Your Carpets

How to Vacuum Your Carpets The Right Way

To protect your family and yourself from health issues associated with dirty carpets, vacuuming is necessary. It helps collect loose debris floating between the fibers.


Regular vacuuming can help prevent stains and other carpet problems, thus saving you a lot of money.


Carpets left unvacuumed can turn dirty over time. And, you require professional carpet cleaning Tonbridge, UK to restore their new-like look.


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In today’s post, we are going to discuss how to vacuum the carpets to keep clean and extend their life.

A Guide, how to Vacuum Your Carpets

Here are quick tips to vacuum your carpets-

Use The Right Vacuum

There’s a wide range of vacuum cleaning devices available in the market. Check popular e-commerce sites.


It’s important to note that not all vacuum cleaners are created equal. One type of device can’t be used for all carpets. For instance, carpets made from synthetic fibers can withstand a household aggressive vacuum cleaner. But, carpets with natural fibers should be treated gently.


So, don’t use any vacuum cleaner. Use the one suitable for your carpets. Always check the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning guidelines before purchasing a vacuum cleaner.

Go Slow

Imagine you finish the vacuuming job, but still, see debris on the carpets. That gives you a panic attack as you think you have to do everything again.


The problem here is—you are running the vacuum cleaner properly. Don’t rush, consider moving it slowly on the carpets.


Remember, the purpose of vacuuming is to collect all the debris hanging between the carpet fibers. If you do it too quickly, the device is unable to collect everything on the way.


When vacuuming, it’s important to set the right speed. Don’t work too quickly. Move slowly, allowing the device to clean the carpets completely.

Use The Reverse Technique

The key to vacuum your carpets is to do it slowly. Move the vacuum cleaner in one direction until the entire area is done. To get the best results, you should also do it in the opposite direction.


If you are starting from the North direction, move the device forward towards the South and then back towards the North. You should also turn and vacuum East-West. This will provide a nice deep clean.


If you have carpet flooring in multiple rooms, consider vacuuming one room properly first and then move to others.


Most importantly, consider emptying the bag once it’s full. If you vacuum with a full bag, it will affect the suction power.

Use Vacuum Attachments

When you buy a new vacuum cleaner, you get many attachments along with it. These are for easing the vacuuming job.


For instance, the crevice attachment can help you clean hard-to-reach places, such as edges. It’s a good idea to vacuum the corners of all rooms before you start vacuuming the carpets.


For fixing carpet stains, you can use a power brush equipped with a rotating brush roll. It helps in removing the dust quickly. You can use it for clearing dirt and dust from tight spaces such as a small closet.


If you don’t know how to use an attachment, check the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Vacuum High-Traffic Areas More Often

Usually, home experts recommend vacuuming at least twice a week. However, high-traffic areas need to be vacuumed more often.


If you have pets and children at home, we recommend you vacuum the carpets daily. This will help remove hair, dirt, dander, and other allergens from the carpets. Moreover, it can prevent carpet fading issues.


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To keep high-traffic areas clean, make your own rules & ensure everyone in your home follows them. For instance, place high-quality mats next to the carpet area so that people can wipe their feet on them before entering.


Moreover, you should check the manufacturer’s carpet cleaning instructions, and strictly follow them.

Keep Your Vacuum Clean

To keep your carpets clean and fresh, you need to keep your vacuum cleaning device in good working condition. Remember, your vacuum cleaner can clear dust and dirt properly only if it has adequate airflow.


Check and clean the brush roll regularly. This is because things can get wrapped around it, thus affecting its spinning ability. You can use your fingers or a scissor to remove it.


To prevent this, you should clear the carpet area before vacuuming. Pick up things that can easily get stuck around the roll.


Moreover, you should check the belt, filters, and hoses. If you notice a problem, but can’t find its root cause, take it to a vacuum shop.

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Key Takeaways

To keep allergens. away from your carpets, you need to learn how to vacuum your carpets the right way. Vacuum corners of the room first and move the vacuum slowly so that it can pick up everything on its way.


Vacuum carpets at least twice a week. For high-traffic areas or if you have pets/children, consider vacuuming daily. Use attachments to clean edges and under the furniture. Keep your vacuum in good working condition and clean the belt, hoses, etc. regularly.

Have a question about vacuuming your carpets? Feel free to start a conversation below.