Baby proof your Carpet

How to Baby Proof Your Carpet

When it comes to a baby there is a lot that we need to take care of. Children need a lot of love, care, and attention. But that’s just one part of the story. Most children are quite a force of nature to deal with. This includes being clumsy, very unpredictable, and a little messy. The first fatality in the line of fire usually is your carpet. 


That is pretty obvious as well, considering it does cover a significant amount of space in your house. Carpets are an expensive investment. One that can often get a little tough to maintain when you have a bundle of energy like a toddler roaming around the whole house.  For the bigger damages, you can call up carpet cleaning services Tonbridge, however, there are certain steps that you can take to ensure that your baby does not create too much of a ruckus on the carpet.


Start With Splat Mats

Any areas of the house where your child has any kind of interaction with food will be well served with some kind of protection. This can be the difference between a clean floor or one that is well on its way to being a disaster.


An inexpensive option you can get is a chair mat. You might have an old one at the office you can bring home or you can even get a new one at the office supply store. All you need to do is slide it under your child’s place during dinner and all of those pesky crumbs will stay on the mat and away from your carpet. 


If you are looking to invest in something that is a little more mobile then you should look into splat mats. These are a little smaller than an average chair mat. If you have a toddler who does not move around much then this is a great option considering their mobility. 


Just ensure that after every use you are wiping it down with anti-bacterial spray and then storing it away.


Invest in Carpet Protectors

Now, it is not realistically possible to restrict large areas of your house from your child. But it is natural to want to protect your carpet from their destructive tendencies. So, the best call to make is to pay for a carpet protection system.


This is a service that is provided by both manufacturers as well as professional cleaners. This will provide your carpet with protection against all kinds of stains, dirt, grease, and a wide array of spillage that may take place.

In this process, every fiber is coated in a protective compound which helps it withstand all kinds of issues. This is a slightly expensive option but it is a lot better than having to replace the entire carpet. 

Get Some Spill-Proof Cups 

Liquids, the bane of most carpet’s existence. There are only a couple of things that have the capability to cause as much damage to a carpet as juice. This is when you clean the spill right away. As adults, this evolves into wine stains, but that’s a problem that we will sort in some other blog. 


As long as it is children that you are dealing with, a simple solution to avoid all kinds of spills from children is to get them spill-proof cups. Also referred to as “sippy cups”, this cup comes with two handles and a spout that keeps the liquid safely concealed to the inside of the cup even if it is flung across the room. 


Get a couple to see which works best for you. Test them out in the kitchen before you actually hand them to your child. Fill them up with water and then drop them, to see if they stay in place or not. 


Cover It Up To Baby Proof your Carpet

Start by identifying the high traffic volume areas of the house. The places where your child spends the most amount of time or the places that they move through the house. Then depending on if they are carpeted or not, you might need to impart some amount of TLC to these places. 


Strategically positioned mats, runners, and rugs are all good options to cover your carpet. The advice would be to go for something cheaper as you know it is going to go through a lot in its time. And any time you have guests over you can just remove these coverings for the party. 


If you are not willing to invest in another rug or if you just don’t like the look of an area rug, you can get a shower curtain for the eating areas. Don’t try to cover your house with a curtain, that would be a little too much. But the eating areas can be easily managed with a shower curtain. They are cheap and easy to manage. 


Keep The Food In The Kitchen

One of the best things to do would be to keep the food times just to the kitchen. Usually, the kitchen is not carpeted and so that is a good place for the meals. You can get a high chair or a kid’s table for your children. They will feel special at their little table and your carpet will be safe and sound.  

Well, these are all little tips and tricks you can use to make owning a carpet easier. And as I said before for any big issues you can just always call  carpet cleaning services Tonbridge