Carpet Cleaning Scam

How To Avoid Choosing the wrong Carpet Cleaner

Anyone who has a carpet understands the upkeep that is required to keep them in the best possible condition at all times. When it comes to the query “I need my carpets cleaned: there are multiple ways you can go about it. The best way to go about it would be with the help of professionals. After all, they are the most equipped to handle something like this. Also learn about Carpet Cleaning Scam


But for every good experience, there are a couple of less than ideal ones that take place. From companies that had no idea about what they were doing, to customers who were left with bigger problems than what they started with. You do not want to be one who ends up with a bill and a bigger problems without any fix or refunds insight.  


Today we will have a look at the biggest problems that are seen and how one can avoid a low-quality cleaning job and also what you can do if you have managed to get swept up in a mess similar to this one. 

Bait and Switch

There are certain industries where what you pay for is exactly what you get. This does not imply that you need to pay unreasonably high prices for the job. What you do need to do is check competitive pricing and then work accordingly. Choosing a slightly higher-priced company will get you quality and better results. As long as you end up with fair honest service, you wouldn’t mind spending it all that much.  We are members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association, we are insured and experienced and equally as important use the latest equipment and ECO solutions unlike some others.


Most companies that charge rock bottom rates have the following reasons for doing so:


  • They don’t have a good process in place. They will do your house at the speed of lightning without actually understanding what your house actually needs. Instead of taking care of spots and stains, you will end up with someone who makes their money based on the volume and not actual quality. These are often solo operators who are trying to fit in a lot into one day. 


  • They seem like a new business and when you have a conversation with them, It does not seem like they are aware of what goes on behind cleaning. Also, is there anything worse than an incompetent person handling your carpet? So, always remember you are not only paying for the services but also the experience that drives quality service. 

  • The equipment that they are using is not suitable for the job they have undertaken. This can mean it is older and not updated as per the latest technology, Again this has the capability of causing irreparable harm to your carpet as technology plays a huge role in ensuring your carpet remains safe during the cleaning process. 


  • There is a catch involved with everything. What they are trying to do is upsell their services in order to charge you more. It can be things like charging extra for cleaning solutions or charging per sq ft instead of per room.  What you should look for at all times is a company that is transparent about the associated costs. 


Stay Away From Pet Specialists

One of the toughest stains to deal with includes our dear furry friends. There are many cleaning service operators who claim to be specialists but in the end, can’t make the head from the tail when they need to clean up accidents related to pets. 


You will notice a lack of expertise especially in the areas related to pet odor removal. If not handled with care, there are incidents when the smell has actually gotten worse instead of getting better after the clean-up. Proper removal of pet urine requires special solutions, application methods, training.


Someone who has no idea about all this will just carry on with the usual cleaning process. 


Until and unless you break down the urine deposits before you put the cleaning solution, you are just going to end up activating the urine causing the carpet to smell worse than what it was before. 


Beware of Fake Reviews

This one might be a little tricky to figure out but just like anything else. Not impossible though. It is recommended you go through a rigorous screening process before you get them to come to clean your carpet.  Look for a company that has many reviews, a good variety in them, and also ones that don’t look like they are written by one person. Take a look at our Facebook page genuine reviews here

What Should You Do If You Have Already Been Scammed?

The first thing is to give them the benefit of doubt and call them up. If they are a decent company, they will ensure that they come and redo the job or at the least, give you a refund. A week doesnt go by when we dont get a call to fix someone elses mess, often caused by using poor equipment and lack of knowledge.