Carpet Cleaning Medway Towns

Do you need a cleaning service in one of the Medway Towns? Our top-rated rug and carpet cleaning are trained to bring clean and fresh new look for your home in Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham, Rainham and Strood.






Do you need a cleaning service in a Medway town? Our top-rated rug and carpet cleaning are trained to bring clean and fresh new look for your home. We, at Carpet Pro are working hard to manage every job and to achieve perfect end result. Our local carpet cleaners in Medway are trained and certified by NCCA, able to deal with any stain or blemish. You can book a service with us on 0800 099 6690 right now and get a free quotation! Each week we clean for clients in Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham, Rainham and Strood. 

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Carpet Cleaning Medway Towns

We clean carpets forArea size (max)Gold 4 Stage CleanDiamond Protect Clean
One Room13m2 £39.00£59.00
Two Rooms26m2 £79.00£99.00
Three Rooms39m2 £99.00£149.00
Four Rooms52m2 £129.00£179.00
Five Rooms65m2£159.00£209.00
StaircaseAverage size£39.00£69.00
Landing / Hallway8m2£25.00£40.00

Gold 4 Stage Clean – Hoover – PreSpray – Treat Stains – Agitate – Rinse and Extract – Deodorise.

Diamond Protect – As Above but includes Nano Protect (advanced Scotchguard protection) and a 3mth Stain Warranty – Any stains and we will come back and remove stain for free.

Note: Our minimum job charge is £79.00

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  • What areas in Medway Towns do you cover for carpet cleaning?

    We provide comprehensive carpet cleaning services in all the main towns of Medway, including Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham, Rainham, and Strood. Our services extend to the historical and cultural landmarks of this vibrant area, catering to both residential and commercial needs.

  • What carpet cleaning techniques do you use in Medway Towns?

    Our skilled technicians employ the hot water extraction technique, injecting hot steam deep into your carpets to remove stubborn stains and impurities. This method is particularly effective in the diverse environments of Medway Towns, from the bustling streets of Rochester to the tranquil North Kent Marshes.

  • What are the benefits of choosing Carpet Pro for carpet cleaning in Medway Towns?

    Customers in Medway Towns benefit from our certified and trained cleaners, total stain removal, and additional Scotchgard protection. We use powerful Prochem steam cleaning equipment, offering services 7 days a week at competitive rates, suitable for the dynamic and diverse needs of the Medway area.

  • How is your pricing structured for carpet cleaning in Medway Towns?

    • Our pricing is transparent, with a Gold 4 Stage Clean and Diamond Protect Clean options. These packages include a range of services from basic cleaning to advanced Scotchguard protection. We ensure fair pricing, reflecting the unique characteristics of the Medway area, from its rich history in Rochester and Chatham to its contemporary developments.

  • Can you provide historical insights about the areas you service in Medway Towns?

    Absolutely! Medway boasts a rich history, with Rochester’s roots dating back to Roman times and significant naval and military establishments in Chatham and Gillingham. This heritage is a testament to the area's resilience and evolution, just like the carpets we rejuvenate in these historical settings.

  • What is special about Medway's geography and how does that affect carpet care?

    Medway's geography ranges from the urban settings of its main towns to the rural North Kent Marshes and North Downs. This diversity means that carpet care needs can vary significantly, from urban dust and grime to rural dampness and mud. We tailor our services to suit these varying environmental conditions.

  • Are your services environmentally friendly for the Medway area?

    Yes, we are committed to environmentally responsible practices. Medway, with its significant wetlands and Sites of Special Scientific Interest, demands a mindful approach to carpet cleaning. We use eco-friendly products and methods to ensure the protection of this beautiful area.

  • How can I book your carpet cleaning services in Medway Towns?

    Booking our services in Medway Towns is easy. You can call us or book online. We are available to serve you throughout Medway, ensuring that your carpets receive the best care, be it in the bustling centres or the serene suburbs.

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You can trust our professional carpet cleaners in Medway to clean all types of home carpets and rugs. We take our job quite seriously and demand only the best possible results for our valuable customers. All of our employees are trained, certified and vetted. They work with the latest and most effective carpet treatment methods and detergents. Your complete satisfaction with our cleaning services is our number one priority !

Our carpet cleaning package was especially created for customers in Medway. We use hot water extraction to deeply extract dirt and all other impurities from your carpets and we guarantee our results.

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