Carpet Cleaning Maidstone, Kent

We make it our mission to clean your carpets and upholstery and get outstanding results and happy clients.  We  really want you to use us again and tell your neighbors and friends that’s how we will last in business when carpet cleaning Maidstone.

When you hire us we ensure you only get the best service we can offer at a pre-quoted fixed price. So whether you need carpet, rug or upholstery cleaning, Carpet Pro is here to assist in every case in Maidstone, Kent. Our HQ is in Buckland Road so you are hiring local and supporting a local business.

So if you’re in need for a carpet cleaner in Maidstone who can actually make a difference, contact us now for a free quote! Yes thats me Grant opposite. 

Carpet Cleaning Maidstone

What We Do

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Carpet Cleaning

Our professional carpet cleaners are expertly trained and qualified to treat your carpets with care and restore them to new condition protecting your investment in your house or place of work for many years to come.

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Area Rugs

Area rugs act as air filters for the home, trapping dirt and non-living allergens. We make sure to leave you with clean rugs, free of stains and smells that look like new!

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upholstery cleaning


We provide a thorough and deep clean upholstery cleaning service which ensures a long lasting experience, rejuvenating the upholstery to look like new but also making them safe from allergens and soiling.

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Stain Removal

Stains are inevitable, even if you don't have children or animals in your home. Don't worry if you have a stubborn stain on your carpet or upholstered furniture; our stain removal experts at carpet pro have the perfect solution for even the toughest imperfections. We always aim to remove 100% of a stain but some can only be improved on.

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Commercial Cleaning

We provide special carpet or upholstery cleaning services to our commercial customers. We understand you require specialist services with carpet and upholstery cleaning on a regular basis in offices, we are always there to help you.

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End of Tenancy Cleaning

Did your last tenant leave a mess? Are you a tenant who needs the carpets cleaned to get your deposit back ? We will clean the carpets to the highest of standards by removing all dust mites and dirt from your carpet fibres, to ensure you get back all of your deposit, a full printed receipt is given on every clean, as you will have to provide evidence of a professional clean.

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Best Rated Carpet Cleaners in Maidstone

Our industry-certified NCCA carpet technicians can clean every type of carpet and soft furnishings. Dedication makes us a unique business, we are a locally owned company that operates on hard earned values and experiences. 

Our small carpet cleaning team constitutes a selected group of professionals who really do enjoy what they do as you will see when you hire us, please do look at hundreds of client reviews. 

As we are based in Maidstone Kent our community speaks for ourselves, we have more than 500+ reviews and counting! People love us, our customer service, but most importantly the high quality of services we have to offer.

So whether it is your furniture, sofas or curtains you need our help on, or just plain Maidstone Carpet Cleaning, we’re the perfect solution for you. Get in touch now and see what professional cleaning looks like!

Need Residential or Commercial Carpet Cleaning Near You?

Carpet Cleaning Maidstone

You can see the difference when a carpet has been professionally cleaned which is what we at  Maidstone carpet cleaners do. We provide a six stage deep clean using industrial equipment and steam extraction and the latest ECO solutions to ensure the most complete deep cleaning possible today with the best results. 

Along with that our dry cleaning method is also very popular in maidstone as it remove dirt, dust mites and get rid of bacteria effectively. With us you get a one in all solution with other furnishings like sofa,

We are committed to providing old fashioned customer service and the highest quality in both our service at affordable prices. 

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Based on 400+ customer reviews

How Our Carpet Cleaning Maidstone Technicians Do Their Work

We Use Hot Water Extraction/Steam Cleaning and Dry Compound Method

1. We start the carpet cleaning procedure surveying the area to be cleaned and identifying the material to be cleaned and what techniques will deliver the best results.

2. Next we thoroughly vacuum all areas with an industrial hoover, very different to a Dyson ! This not only removes soiling but resets the carpet pile ready to be cleaned and is an important stage.

3. We make up the right solution and spray it onto the carpet allowing a dwell time.

4. We now use a very expensive Austrian agitation machine (best in the business) that has contra rollers to brush in the solution we have sprayed onto the carpet.

5. We use a hot steam water extraction machine to inject the hot steam deep into your carpet fibers. This removes all soiling and the ECO solution we have sprayed leaving the carpet in a PH neutral state.

6. We reinspect all areas on your carpet, this ensures a highly detailed and outstanding result. Any stains that haven’t been removed we now treat. The item will be slightly damp and will dry very quickly within a couple of hours. Ventilation not heat will speed this up.

7. Our results are measured by your satisfaction, before we call it a day, we walk around with you on all surfaces of the area we cleaned.

Our Method Is Perfectly Fine for Pets and Kids and Completely Environment Friendly.

Why Choose Us?

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Highest Quality Ensured

Our company is fully insured and made with experienced upholstery cleaners and carpet cleaners who are committed to their work. When you hire us we give you a guarantee that if for any reason your not satisfied we wont charge you a penny, beat that !

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High Tech Equipment Van

We always carry everything, our van is fully equipped with all the latest industrial equipment as well as many different types of solutions to make sure we are always prepared for every type of job and type of carpet and upholstery for our Maidstone clients.

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Competitive Prices

There are no hidden fees, no extras. What you get on a quote is all you’ll ever have to pay us, this also makes us affordable amongst all competitors who will often try to upsell in a house offering different levels of a clean, we offer one the best we can do!

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6 Days a Week Service

Monday to Saturday we operate and can offer appointments at a time to suit you, usually within a week. So whether you need a professional stain removal or any type of cleaning service, you don't have to take the day off anymore!

Professional Carpet, Rug and Upholstery Cleaning Services

We are your all in one NCAA certified and professional carpet cleaning, rug and upholstery cleaning in Maidstone Kent. All of our technicians are trained to meet the highest of standards. We are not a regular cleaning company, as you can see by the hundreds of reviews we have from our lovely Maidstone clients.

We keep our business up to date in regards to the latest equipment, always having the most powerful industrial steam cleaning equipment in the market and latest ECO solutions. If you are not happy with our work, we will re-do the job for free the same week!



Area rugs

Area Rugs





How To Book an Appointment for Your Cleaning Project in Maidstone?

If you are looking to get a carpet cleaning service today feel free to send us a text or email. Or simply, give us a call right now or fill out the form to pick the time that best works for you! One of our expert carpet or upholstery cleaner will reach out to you to schedule an appointment.

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Online booking

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Call Us

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How it works

Here are the three easy steps to get your items cleaned
Step 1

Call us or make an online appointment through our booking form.

Step 2

Fix a time and date at your convenience including Saturdays.

Step 3

We arrive and do the work! Once you're happy we ask for payment.

Our Six Step Procedure:

Hoover → PreSpray → Treat Stains → Agitate → Rinse and Extract → Deodorise

How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Carpet Cleaned in Maidstone?

We clean carpets for Area size (max) Gold 4 Stage Clean Diamond Protect Clean
One Room 13m2 £39.00 £59.00
Two Rooms 26m2 £79.00 £99.00
Three Rooms 39m2 £99.00 £149.00
Four Rooms 52m2 £129.00 £179.00
Five Rooms 65m2 £159.00 £209.00
Staircase Average size £39.00 £69.00
Landing / Hallway 8m2 £25.00 £40.00

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  • What expertise does Carpet Pro bring to carpet cleaning in Maidstone?

    Carpet Pro boasts a team of experienced and NCCA certified professionals. We specialize in carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning, using the latest equipment and effective cleaning agents to ensure top-quality results​​​​​​.

  • Are your carpet cleaning prices in Maidstone transparent and fair?

    Yes, we pride ourselves on offering fixed and fair pricing, quoted upfront. We avoid upselling tactics and focus on delivering the best service and results for the price paid. Additional services, like Stain Guard, are optional.

  • What types of equipment do you use for carpet cleaning in Maidstone?

    We use a range of professional-grade equipment for different cleaning needs, including dry cleaning, hot water extraction, and steam cleaning machines. Our tools are regularly updated and include speed dryers, hoovers, and specialized brushes​.

  • What guarantees does Carpet Pro offer for its services in Maidstone?

    We guarantee that our work will be conducted by fully trained fabric cleaning technicians. We strive to offer exceptional value at a reasonable price and promise thorough cleaning results. If we cannot remove a stain, we guarantee no one else can.

  • How does Carpet Pro ensure the best results in carpet cleaning in Maidstone?

    Our experience, training in cleaning different fabrics under various conditions, and the use of the best equipment set us apart. We continuously update our training and use the latest industry techniques to ensure the best results​.

  • Is Carpet Pro available for bookings and queries outside of standard business hours?

    Yes, we are available around the clock for advice, service bookings, or to check the status of your existing booking. We encourage our customers to contact us anytime for their carpet cleaning needs in Maidstone.

  • What is the carpet cleaning process and what equipment is used?

    Carpet Pro's technicians in Kent, including Grant and Shaun, are fully trained and equipped with high-quality equipment. They utilize an industrial steam cleaning hot water extraction cleaner, described as the best available for residential carpet cleaning. Their cleaning solutions are eco-friendly, pet-friendly, and include sanitizers for dealing with pet accidents. They don't charge extra for the type of solutions used or the cleaning method; customers receive the best service available including a stain prevention treatment. The cleaning approach is tailored for each job; they carry 32 different solutions to cater to various types of carpets, soiling, and stains

  • Any additional service details I should know?

    Their equipment includes powerful hot water extractors, vacuum cleaners, and agitators. They offer services six days a week to accommodate different schedules. They provide free quotes and competitive fixed pricing. Carpet Pro offers a money-back guarantee if customers are not happy with the results. They cater to both residential and commercial carpet cleaning needs.

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