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Unclean carpets can harbour harmful bacteria and allergens, posing respiratory risks to your household. But with our professional carpet cleaning in Kent, these concerns are a thing of the past. Carpet Pro is your local family-owned solution, offering top-tier professional carpet cleaning in the heart of Kent. Using the latest technologies and equipment, we guarantee carpets and furniture that look and feel brand new.

Proudly owner-operated, we excel in what we do. We invite you to check our stellar reviews from our Kent clients on our Facebook and Google pages.

In need of immediate and thorough carpet or upholstery cleaning? Don’t hesitate! Contact us now at 0800 099 6690 to set an appointment that fits your convenience. Also, explore feedback from our satisfied Kent-based clients on both Facebook and Google business pages.


Our dedication to the craft is unparalleled, ensuring an authentic professional carpet cleaning experience in every Kent property we service. We set ourselves apart from typical carpet cleaners not just by our superior quality but also by our competitive, transparent pricing—no hidden fees, ever. Operating 6 days a week, you can trust us for comprehensive professional carpet cleaning in Kent, inclusive of stain removal, dust mite elimination, and addressing pet odours.

Grant, boasting an NCCA qualification and years of experience, leads our team of highly skilled professionals. Equipped with cutting-edge tools and techniques, we’re ready to handle the most challenging carpet issues, restoring them to their pristine state.

From general dirt, food and drink spills to pet stains, our promise is rejuvenated carpets and upholstery that prolongs their lifespan in Kent.

If you’re seeking a dependable upholstery and carpet cleaning solution in Kent, look no further. Contact us now for the most reliable professional carpet cleaning in Kent.

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Your furniture, curtains, and carpets in Kent deserve the best care. But that doesn’t mean the burden should fall on you! We’re a fully equipped professional carpet cleaning company in Kent, ready to take on the rigorous tasks for you. Whether it’s carpets, curtains, rugs, or upholstery, trust us to deliver impeccable results. Discover why we’ve been recognised with awards for our professional carpet cleaning in Kent.

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We offer comprehensive carpet cleaning and stain removal that will get your carpets looking and smelling like new again. Our team of experienced professionals are fully equipped and know the techniques to clean every nook and cranny of your carpets, so you can rest easy knowing they're free from allergens and dirt carpet cleaning Tonbridge.

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Spilt food on your coach? We have upholstery cleaning services available to clean, protect, and deodorize your furniture and soft furnishings. So whether your sofas are affected with dust mites or hard stains, you know what to do!

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Professional cleaning is crucial if you use rugs. Get the best rug cleaning from us to keep yourself and your family free from allergens. Rugs can accumulate a whole host of nasties that periodic cleaning eliminates and keeps your home allergen free.

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commercial carpet cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

If you're estate agents and looking for a regular carpet cleaning in Tonbridge, you're in the right place! We offer state of the art cleaning procedures for your business or residential property that you can trust.

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stain removal

Stain Removal

Accidents happen. Specially if you have kids in the house. But that doesn't mean you have to live with a hard stain for the rest of your life! Trust us, we've seen it all. Our expert staff are fully capable of removing any hard stains from your sofa, rugs, curtain or anything.

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End of Tenancy

Carpet Pro offers professional end of tenancy cleaning solution that will make sure your property is clean and ready for inspection or for the next tenant. We have years of experience in this field.

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We provide extensive professional carpet cleaning in Kent, ensuring your carpets not only look but also smell refreshingly new. Our team of seasoned professionals in Kent are fully equipped and adept at reaching every nook and cranny, giving you the peace of mind that your carpets are free from allergens and dirt.

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Spilt food on your couch in Kent? Turn to our professional carpet cleaning services in Kent for upholstery needs. We clean, protect, and deodorise furniture and soft furnishings effectively. Whether your sofas are plagued with dust mites or stubborn stains, we've got the Kent expertise to handle it.

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Using rugs in Kent? Professional carpet cleaning in Kent is essential to maintain their quality. Trust our services for the finest rug cleaning, ensuring you and your family remain free from allergens. Periodic cleaning with our Kent expertise eradicates accumulated nasties, ensuring an allergen-free home.

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commercial carpet cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Estate agents and businesses in Kent, searching for reliable professional carpet cleaning in Kent? You've found the right spot! We provide cutting-edge cleaning solutions for both business and residential properties, offering a trusted service tailored for the Kent market.

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Stain Removal

Accidents, especially with kids around, are inevitable in Kent homes. Yet, you don't have to resign to living with stubborn stains! With our professional carpet cleaning in Kent, we've tackled the toughest. Trust our expert team to effectively remove challenging stains from your sofas, rugs, curtains, and beyond.

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End of Tenancy

Carpet Pro delivers top-tier professional carpet cleaning in Kent, specializing in end-of-tenancy solutions. Ensure your property is spotless, primed for inspection, or welcoming the next tenant with our years of expertise in the Kent cleaning sector.

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In need of getting your carpets immaculate in Kent? Too often, we encounter cases where individuals try DIY approaches, renting equipment and mistakenly using solutions containing bleach, which harm carpets.

That’s where the importance of professional carpet cleaning in Kent comes into play. At our company, we employ steam cleaning and hot water extraction methods, guaranteeing impeccable results for your carpets. Trust the experts and ensure the longevity and beauty of your floor coverings.

We Guarantee Satisfaction in Kent

At the heart of our professional carpet cleaning in Kent is a 100% confidence in our fully trained team. We promise top-tier service without compromise. Our Kent-based company is fully insured, boasting carpet and upholstery cleaning specialists who uphold the highest standards at cost-effective prices.

Whether for home or business, we’re always eager to serve our fellow Kent customers.

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Our Pricing for Kent Clients

We clean carpets for Area size (max) Gold 4 Stage Clean Diamond Protect Clean
One Room 13m2 £39.00 £59.00
Two Rooms 26m2 £79.00 £99.00
Three Rooms 39m2 £99.00 £149.00
Four Rooms 52m2 £129.00 £179.00
Five Rooms 65m2 £159.00 £209.00
Staircase Average size £39.00 £69.00
Landing / Hallway 8m2 £25.00 £40.00
Professional Carpet Cleaning in Kent: Complete Hygiene & Allergy Defence

In Kent, ensuring the hygiene and allergen protection of your home is our utmost priority. Our carpet cleaners are expertly trained to uphold the pinnacle of cleanliness and hygiene standards. We effectively eliminate dirt, dust mites, bacteria, fungi, and other allergens.

Our dedicated Kent team guarantees the use of safe methods and products on your sofas and rugs, ensuring the well-being of your children and pets.

Why Choose Us for Professional Carpet Cleaning in Kent

Based in the heart of Kent, our mission is to offer the finest carpet cleaning the city has to offer. As a fully insured and well-equipped service provider in Kent, we pride ourselves on our meticulous work. Rest assured, our cleaning products are 100% safe for both pets and children.

With Carpet Pro in Kent, anticipate not only a friendly approach but also a top-notch cleaning experience. From dry cleaning to hot water extraction, we employ a range of techniques to achieve stellar results.

Contact us today for a complimentary quote on your professional carpet cleaning in Kent.

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How to Get in Touch With Us?

Our experienced cleaners will clean all your carpets and rugs in one visit, leaving them looking like new again. To schedule an appointment or to get in touch with us, use the following method:

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Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods in Kent

Steam Cleaning

Also referred to as hot water extraction, this is among the most efficient techniques for extracting dirt and dust mites from your carpets in Kent. In this method, we spray hot water combined with cleaning agents onto the carpet, applying pressure, and then vacuum up the dissolved dirt. This method is not only excellent for professional carpet cleaning in Kent but also for sofa cleaning within the city.


Dry Compound Method

Here, we apply environmentally-friendly cleaning agents to the carpet. Following this, we brush and scrub the carpet until dirt separates, and then it’s vacuumed away. This method ensures a deep and effective clean for Kent homes and businesses.”

How it works

Here are the three easy steps to get your items cleaned
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Our Six Step Procedure:

Hoover → PreSpray → Treat Stains → Agitate → Rinse and Extract → Deodorise
  • What Sets Carpet Pro Kent Apart for Carpet Cleaning Services in Kent?

    Carpet Pro Kent distinguishes itself through its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Leveraging industry-leading equipment, including industrial-grade machines for diverse cleaning requirements, and eco-friendly solutions, we ensure exceptional cleaning services. Our technicians are highly trained and have extensive experience, ensuring that your carpets are treated with the utmost care and professionalism.

  • How Does Carpet Pro Kent's Experience and Equipment Benefit Customers in Kent?

    With a background in both carpet fitting and cleaning, our team, led by Michael Keeves, brings a unique perspective to carpet care. Our equipment, rigorously tested and regularly updated, includes top-of-the-line machines for dry cleaning, hot water extraction, and special fabric care. This means whether you're in Maidstone, the garden-like landscapes of The High Weald, or near the historic sites of Canterbury, your carpets get the best possible treatment.

  • Can Carpet Pro Kent Handle Diverse and Challenging Cleaning Tasks?

    Absolutely. Our experience in Kent, from handling the busy traffic of commuter routes to catering to the unique needs of historical and modern homes, equips us to tackle a variety of challenges. Whether it's regular maintenance, dealing with tough stains, or performing deep cleaning, we are equipped to handle it all, ensuring a clean and healthy environment for your home or business.

  • What is Carpet Pro Kent's Approach to Pricing and Quotations?

    We believe in transparent and fair pricing. Every cleaning project is unique, and our quotes reflect this. We consider factors like the regularity of cleaning, the presence of stains, and the specific needs of your Kent-based location. Our goal is to provide exceptional value at a reasonable price, ensuring you get the best service without surprises.

  • How Does Carpet Pro Kent Contribute to a Cleaner, Healthier Kent?

    Kent, known as "The Garden of England," thrives on its natural beauty and historical significance. At Carpet Pro Kent, we contribute to maintaining this beauty by using eco-friendly cleaning solutions and methods that are effective yet gentle on the environment. Our services not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your carpets but also promote a healthier living space, aligning with Kent's rich heritage and natural charm.

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With the leading cleaning methods and expertise, our highly trained technicians are poised to deliver outstanding professional carpet cleaning in Kent. Our methods are not only efficient but also natural and eco-friendly. We guarantee transparent pricing—no hidden charges, just the quoted price. We’re eager to provide top-notch carpet and upholstery cleaning across Kent.

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