Carpet Cleaning Hacks

Top Carpet Cleaning Hacks That Can Help You Save Time

Did you know carpets can hold four times as much dirt as their weight? Thus, regular vacuuming can help keep your carpets clean and prevent issues such as fading. Getting your carpets cleaned professionally can help you remove all allergens and extend the life of your carpets as well. Google “professional carpet cleaning near me”, and hire a reputable company.


But, if you want to clean your carpets yourself, here are some carpet cleaning hacks you should try-

Remove Loose Dust

Before you start using a brush for carpet cleaning, it’s important to remove loose dust and food crumbs. Use a high-quality vacuum cleaner for this purpose. Make sure it’s on high. Empty the bag periodically so that dust particles don’t get trapped.


If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you can also use a carpet beater. Take your carpet out from your home and start beating it gently. If you see fibers coming out, stop the beating activity.


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Eliminate Pet Hair

If you have pets at home, you will surely find their hair on the carpets. Pet dander can be harmful to the respiratory system, thus affecting the ability of the lungs to function properly.


A vacuum cleaner isn’t enough to remove pet hair. Lint rollers are quite helpful in cleaning the surfaces. If you see short hair on the carpets, use a squeegee. Attach a mop handle to it, and rake up the hair. After removing the hair, vacuum the surface.


To reduce pet shedding, follow a bathing schedule and create a nutrition plan for your beloved animal.

Use Iron to Remove Stains

Stains make your carpets look dirty and also reduce their life. You can use various DIY methods to get rid of stains. Here’s a popular one-


  • Do the prep work first. Vacuum the area to remove the loose particles leaving behind the stain/stains.

  • Mix water and vinegar (3:1 ratio), and apply the mixture to the stain/stains. Wait for 5-10 minutes.

  • Put a clean towel on the stained area. Apply a heated iron on it—the heat will transfer the stain onto the towel.


Tip for you- be careful when using the iron. Too much heat can melt fibers, leaving burn marks.

Use Baking Soda For Oil Stains

Oil stains on carpets are difficult to remove. In some cases, you can’t use hot water and the dabbing strategy. Baking soda can help save the life of your carpets.


Simply apply baking soda directly to the stain, and wait for 10-15 minutes. Let baking soda absorb the stain. Now, brush away or vacuum the powder. If you still see a stain, repeat the procedure.


Before you apply baking soda, it’s good to use the blotting technique to remove as much oil as you can.


Baking soda is also effective in masking pet accidents. It can easily absorb the smell caused by pet urine.

Dry Your Carpets in The Sun

Drying your carpets in the sun can help kill lingering microbes. An appropriate dose of sunlight can help reduce the risks of unpleasant odor caused by bacteria and mold.


We suggest you consider laying your carpets flat instead of placing them on racks. This will help prevent stretching of the fibers, thus maintaining the original shape of carpets. Don’t forget to rotate the carpets periodically so that sun rays can reach each part. This will also prevent fading or discoloration issues.

Use Ice to Get Gum Out of Carpets

The sticky nature of gum makes it difficult to remove from carpets. The ice method can help you get gum out of your carpets easily.


Here’s how to use the method-

  • Put a few ice cubes in a zip lock bag

  • Place the bag directly on the stained area

  • Wait for a few minutes. The ice will harden the gum

  • Scrape the hardened gum from the carpet

  • Use a dry towel to dry the carpet


We suggest you treat the gum stains immediately before they sit on the carpets. Remember, the longer they will stay on the carpets, the harder it will be to remove them.

Adopt Good Cleaning Habits

We have been taught to maintain cleanliness at home. Cleaning shelves, tables, chairs, etc., and rearranging things in the almirah once or twice a week. Do you remember those childhood days?


Adopting good cleaning habits can help you add years to the life of your carpets. Consider vacuuming or beating your carpets at least once a week. This will help you get rid of dust and dirt particles, which cause a lot of problems.


Wipe off juice spills instantly. This will help prevent the formation of stubborn stains. Place a white towel on the stains and wait for 10-15 minutes. The objective is to remove as much as you can. It’s good to use a detergent solution (prefer an eco-friendly one) before blotting. You will get great results.


If you have cotton or synthetic carpets, avoid washing them.

Strategies like regular vacuuming, drying carpets in the sun, etc. can help extend the life of your carpets. You can use various methods to remove stains, such as the iron method, baking soda method, etc. To remove gum from the carpets, use the ice method. Harden the stain by placing a bag containing ice cubes, and scrap it.

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