In search of a thorough and professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service in Gillingham? We are a professional cleaning firm that delivers an outstanding service and are situated very local to Gillingham.

If you wish to have your carpets cleaned at the earliest opportunity, do not hesitate to text or phone us at 0800 099 6690 and arrange your carpet cleaning Gillingham service the day that perfectly fits your timetable!

Do spend time to check our reviews from local patrons, some in Gillingham. They can be viewed on Facebook and Google business pages.

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We regard our task gravely, and provide a genuinely professional experience in every location we clean. Not just do we excel compared to your standard carpet cleaning company, but we also proffer competitive fixed rates which are economical, our rates are clear and there are no additional charges, the initial estimate you receive for our service is the sole estimate you’ll ever receive!

As a local enterprise, our worth lies on our clients and the results we attain, we do so by delivering an unmatched quality service that operates 6 days a week. Depend on us for any sort of professional carpet cleaning, stain elimination, removing dust mites and pet odours and we can promise a splendid job anywhere in Kent. That’s why we are the number one for Gillingham Carpet Cleaning.

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Locally Owned and Operated Enterprise

As members of our community in Kent, we take pride as a local and professional carpet cleaning company, providing a quality service which suits the financial means of people in this community. We are a fully insured and knowledgeable team of cleaners whom you can entrust with your residential or commercial space.

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We Guarantee Quality Results

 We will not depart your property until you are 100% content with our outcomes, we will labour until your home is utterly cleaned and free from allergens and soiling to the utmost of our abilities. During the cleaning of your carpets, we take your family's health into significant consideration and ensure the carpets are free from allergic reactions and are pet-friendly.

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100% Excellence

Whether it’s your grimy carpets, furnishings or draperies you require our assistance with, rest assured knowing you’ll obtain 110% excellence from our work. If for any reason you are not content with our work, then we wouldn’t accept payment, that’s our guarantee, top that!

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Professional and Amiable Staff

Our personnel are fully trained and friendly individuals who are ready to go the extra distance, they are professional and we can assure you they’ll leave you with a grin on your face!

How to Get Your Carpet Cleaned in 3 Easy Steps?

Here are the three easy steps to get your items cleaned
Step 1

Call us or make an appointment

Feed free to call us today to schedule a carpet cleaning in Gillingham anytime that works out best for you.

Step 2

Schedule a time and date

Schedule a day and time that suits your calendar and we will be there on time, we even text you two days before as a reminder.

Step 3

We come and Clean your home

Once your carpet cleaning service is scheduled we will arrive, inspect your home, prepare our equipment and work until we are done.

All-in-one carpet cleaning Gillingham

Do you have stains on rugs? Or stains on your upholstery? Or mud or soiling on your carpet? Worry not, we are here to assist and manage it all. From carpet cleaning, upholstery, rugs and more we serve both commercial and residential clients in Gillingham, even if you are in need of end of tenancy cleaning we are specialized for all tasks and clients to ensure their homes are cleaned the appropriate way, our way!

Our Services

carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

We are committed to making your home a safer place, free from allergens, debris, bacteria, dust mites and any unwanted residues. For this reason we offer a carpet cleaning service that makes sure all impurities and dirt is fully removed from your carpets.

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upholstery cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

As time passes, furniture, sofas and upholstery tends to accumulate soiling and dust and for this reason it's important to eliminate it and improve the air quality around your house. Also protecting the investment you have made and extending its life with you. We offer the highest standard in upholstery cleaning service which gets rid of all soiling and bacteria in your house!

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stain removal

Stain Removal

Stain removal is one of the most common requests we get in hildenborough. The majority we can remove 100%, a few can only be improved upon. Alongside removing stains, we also offer stain protection or nano protection similar to scotch guard to ensure your carpets are easy to clean and to remove any staining without it affecting any more surfaces in your carpets.

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rug cleaning

Rug Cleaning

We also offer rug cleaning services, where we meticulously go over each section of your rug and give them layers of cleaning, this ensures every single inch on your rugs is fully free from all allergens, bacteria and soiling.

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commercial carpet cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We are a carpet cleaning company that offers it all, we have history and experience dealing with commercial clients and cleaning upon which we are fully equipped to meet every sort of client and any commercial cleaning that is required.

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carpet pro

End of Tenancy Care

If your tenancy is up, do you need to get the carpets professionally cleaned to get back the deposit that the agency holds? Carpet Pro Hildenborough can help and give you the service you need with a full printed receipt that will be required. For these reasons we offer an end of tenancy clean where we go over each room and surface on your apartment and clean it up to the highest of detail.

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our rating

Based on 400+ customer reviews


We are owner-managed, so you know the technician who attends to your property cares and will do the utmost job possible. We are a compact team of three, so we genuinely can provide personal service to each and every client who appoints us for carpet cleaning Gillingham.

Besides the best carpet cleaners team we can possess, we also use the supreme quality apparatus in the industry. We also only carry eco-friendly cleaning chemicals and solutions as well as the ones with the most quality and efficiency.

We have various packages for different clients, so for letting agents or commercial space owners who require our service on a regular basis, we propose a lower price. With us, you don’t have to strain your back every week, cleaning carpets, we manage that adeptly!

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Our Six Step Procedure:

Hoover → PreSpray → Treat Stains → Agitate → Rinse and Extract → Deodorise

How we work

  1. After vacuuming, each of our technicians will formulate an efficient solution tailored for your specific carpet or fabric type, ensuring a customised approach in every job. The solution is then agitated with a machine, designed to remove all stains and soiling while working into the carpet fibres.
  2. Following this initial cleaning, the hot water extraction method or steam cleaning is utilised to inject hot steam, extracting all the embedded soiling and cleaning solution from the deepest layers of your carpets, guaranteeing a comprehensive clean.
  3. Subsequently, we extract all these contaminants ensuring every floor surface is thoroughly cleaned, leaving it free from allergens and dust.
  4. Upon completion of this detailed carpet cleaning process, we review the areas we have cleaned, ensuring no spots have been overlooked and addressing any remaining stains in the fabric.
  5. After this review, we inspect the area with you. Only when you are completely satisfied with our work, do we request payment. Schedule now for Carpet Cleaning in Gillingham.

Our Pricing

We clean carpets forArea size (max)Gold 4 Stage CleanDiamond Protect Clean
One Room13m2£39.00£59.00
Two Rooms26m2£69.00£99.00
Three Rooms39m2£99.00£149.00
Four Rooms52m2£129.00£179.00
Five Rooms65m2£159.00£209.00
StaircaseAverage size£39.00£69.00
Landing / Hallway8m2£25.00£40.00

How to Get in Touch With Us?

Our experienced cleaners will clean all your carpets and rugs in one visit, leaving them looking like new again. To schedule an appointment or to get in touch with us, use the following method:

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Online booking

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Call Us

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Methods we use:

Method 1: Hot Water Extraction

Our hot water and steam extraction technique employs leading industry equipment, substantially diminishing the dirt entrenched in your carpets. This 100% eco-friendly cleaning method enhances the air quality and cleanliness in your dwelling, making it a superior choice for carpet cleaning in Gillingham.

carpet cleaning Tonbridge
dry compound method 3

Method 2: Dry Compound Method

For exceptionally sensitive areas, we also offer a dry compound technique. This method involves meticulous scrubbing of every fibre, effectively capturing all dirt and grime. Subsequently, it is vacuumed and cleaned, ensuring a pristine finish. This approach is apt for areas that cannot be exposed to water, presenting no risks such as residual build-up or potential mould issues. Opt for this efficient Gillingham carpet cleaning service for ensuring the cleanliness and longevity of your carpets in various areas.

Addressing Your Hygiene and Allergen Concerns

Our tools and approaches are in strict adherence to the standards outlined by the NCCA, ensuring optimal outcomes for clients in Gillingham. At no point do we employ solutions, techniques, or any element that might harm your carpets, household items, and most importantly, your family, children, or pets.

Are you aware that numerous available cleaning solutions contain hydrogen peroxide (bleach), which can undoubtedly harm carpets and furnishings? We exclusively utilise products that are safe for pets, children, and equally beneficial for the environment in our carpet cleaning in Gillingham process.

Reach out to us today for a complimentary, no-obligation quote, and secure the finest Gillingham carpet cleaning from the most reliable firm in the area!

  • What Unique Qualities Does Carpet Pro Bring to Carpet Cleaning in Gillingham?

    Carpet Pro Kent's expertise is ideally suited for Gillingham, a town with rich historical roots and modern vibrancy. We provide specialized cleaning services that cater to both traditional and contemporary settings, ensuring that every fabric and carpet receives the most effective treatment, whether in residential homes or commercial spaces in Gillingham.

  • How Does Carpet Pro Kent Cater to Gillingham's Diverse Carpet Cleaning Needs?

    Understanding Gillingham's unique character, from its Old English origins to its status as a significant urban district, we tailor our cleaning services to match. Our team uses the latest equipment and eco-friendly solutions, adept at handling everything from delicate antique fabrics to high-traffic commercial carpets, ensuring that every cleaning job in Gillingham is executed with precision and care.

  • Why is Regular Carpet Cleaning Important in Gillingham?

    In Gillingham, a town that forms a conurbation with its neighbors and is the largest town in the borough of Medway, maintaining clean carpets is essential. Regular cleaning not only preserves the aesthetic of carpets but also ensures a hygienic environment, reflecting Gillingham’s commitment to combining historical charm with modern living standards.

  • What Cleaning Techniques Does Carpet Pro Kent Employ in Gillingham?

    Carpet Pro Kent employs a variety of cleaning techniques, including dry cleaning and hot water extraction, to ensure that every type of carpet and fabric in Gillingham is treated appropriately. This flexibility allows us to provide high-quality cleaning services that meet the specific needs of each client in Gillingham, whether they require gentle care for delicate fabrics or deep cleaning for more robust materials.

  • How Does Carpet Pro Kent Ensure Customer Satisfaction in Gillingham?

    We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction in Gillingham. By providing transparent pricing, thorough cleaning services, and a focus on customer needs, we ensure that our clients in Gillingham receive the best possible service. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to delivering top-notch results that not only clean but also enhance the lifespan and appearance of your carpets.

  • What is the carpet cleaning process and what equipment is used?

    Carpet Pro's technicians in Kent, including Grant and Shaun, are fully trained and equipped with high-quality equipment. They utilize an industrial steam cleaning hot water extraction cleaner, described as the best available for residential carpet cleaning. Their cleaning solutions are eco-friendly, pet-friendly, and include sanitizers for dealing with pet accidents. They don't charge extra for the type of solutions used or the cleaning method; customers receive the best service available including a stain prevention treatment. The cleaning approach is tailored for each job; they carry 32 different solutions to cater to various types of carpets, soiling, and stains

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