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Carpets that aren’t consistently cleaned can harbor a multitude of bacteria and allergens, posing respiratory issues for you and your loved ones.

Fear no more. Chatham Carpet Pro is your ideal answer for all carpet cleaning in Chatham requirements. As a locally owned and family-run expert carpet cleaning business in Chatham, we employ cutting-edge technologies and apparatus to restore your carpets and furniture to pristine conditions. Choose us for unparalleled carpet cleaning in Chatham and ensure the health and cleanliness of your space.

Welcome to Carpet Pro: Your One Stop Solution for All Kind of Cleaning Solutions

Grant, now an NCCA certified professional with a wealth of experience, leads our dedicated team in a new area. Operating in Chatham, our crew is equipped with advanced tools and strategies to handle the most stubborn and demanding tasks, delivering unparalleled results for carpet cleaning in Chatham.

Facing issues with your carpet or upholstery? Be it general dirt, food stains, drink spills, or pet marks, we assure a revival and refreshment of your carpets and upholstery, enhancing their longevity with our top-notch carpet cleaning in Chatham.

Your quest for a trustworthy upholstery and carpet cleaning service ends here! Connect with us now for the finest carpet cleaning in Chatham, and witness your spaces transform and breathe anew.

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Our Area of Expertise

Your furnishings and drapes warrant superior care. Yet, that doesn’t imply the burden needs to be on your shoulders! We stand as a fully-fledged carpet cleaning company, ready to undertake the rigorous tasks for you in Chatham. Rest easy, for we are here to assist you with every cleaning need, be it carpets, curtains, rugs, or upholstery. Just name it, and consider it sparkling clean. Experience unmatched carpet cleaning in Chatham with us, and understand firsthand why we are celebrated award winners in the cleaning industry. Your search for impeccable carpet cleaning in Chatham concludes with us!

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We offer comprehensive carpet cleaning and stain removal that will get your carpets looking and smelling like new again. Our team of experienced professionals are fully equipped and know the techniques to clean every nook and cranny of your carpets, so you can rest easy knowing they're free from allergens and dirt carpet cleaning Tonbridge.

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sofa cleaning


Spilt food on your coach? We have upholstery cleaning services available to clean, protect, and deodorize your furniture and soft furnishings. So whether your sofas are affected with dust mites or hard stains, you know what to do!

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Professional cleaning is crucial if you use rugs. Get the best rug cleaning from us to keep yourself and your family free from allergens. Rugs can accumulate a whole host of nasties that periodic cleaning eliminates and keeps your home allergen free.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

If you're estate agents and looking for a regular carpet cleaning in Tonbridge, you're in the right place! We offer state of the art cleaning procedures for your business or residential property that you can trust.

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Stain Removal

Accidents happen. Specially if you have kids in the house. But that doesn't mean you have to live with a hard stain for the rest of your life! Trust us, we've seen it all. Our expert staff are fully capable of removing any hard stains from your sofa, rugs, curtain or anything.

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End of Tenancy

Carpet Pro offers professional end of tenancy cleaning solution that will make sure your property is clean and ready for inspection or for the next tenant. We have years of experience in this field.

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We provide extensive carpet cleaning in Chatham and stain elimination services that will restore the freshness and appearance of your carpets. Our team of seasoned experts is fully prepared and knowledgeable about the methods needed to meticulously clean every part of your carpets. Have peace of mind knowing your carpets are devoid of allergens and dirt with our exceptional carpet cleaning in Chatham.

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Accidentally spilled food on your sofa? Avail our upholstery cleaning services, designed to cleanse, shield, and freshen up your furniture and soft fixtures. Whether your couches are grappling with dust mites or stubborn stains, opt for Chatham carpet cleaning services.

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If rugs adorn your spaces, professional cleaning is essential. Secure premier rug sanitation with Chatham carpet cleaning to maintain an allergen-free environment for you and your loved ones. Rugs tend to gather various unwelcome elements, and consistent cleaning eradicates them, ensuring your home stays clean and healthy.

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commercial carpet cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Estate agents, your search ends here for consistent carpet cleaning services. For reliable Chatham carpet cleaning, trust us to deliver advanced cleaning solutions for both your commercial and residential properties. Ensure your properties shine with our superior and trusted cleaning procedures, making them as inviting and fresh as ever.

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stain removal

Stain Removal

Mishaps are inevitable, particularly in homes bustling with children. However, enduring tough stains forever is not a necessity! Rely on us for comprehensive Chatham carpet cleaning services. With extensive experience in tackling diverse stains, our proficient team ensures the seamless removal of any stubborn marks from your sofas, rugs, curtains, and more.

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End of Tenancy

Carpet Pro delivers expert end-of-tenancy Chatham carpet cleaning solutions, ensuring your property is immaculate and prepared for inspection or the arrival of the next occupant. With years of seasoned expertise in the domain, count on us for thorough and efficient cleaning services, solidifying the cleanliness and appeal of your property with our Chatham carpet cleaning offerings.

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Rely on Chatham Carpet Cleaning for all your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs in the Chatham area. Trust in our expertise and dependable service for a clean you can see and feel.

In need of pristine carpets but uncertain about the correct cleaning method? Every week, we address situations where individuals, using rented equipment and harsh bleach solutions, inadvertently harm their carpets. This highlights the vital need for professional carpet cleaning in Chatham.

Choose professionals like us at Chatham Carpet Cleaning, who ensure the impeccable cleaning and care of your carpets. We employ steam cleaning and hot water extraction methods, guaranteeing an outstanding and thorough cleaning for your items. Entrust your carpets to us for an unmatched Chatham carpet cleaning experience, ensuring their longevity and your satisfaction.

We Guarantee Satisfaction in Chatham

As a renowned cleaning company now also operating in Chatham, we consistently prioritise our customers’ needs. If, for any unforeseen reason, you are dissatisfied, we guarantee to redo the job the next week at no additional charge. Such is our confidence in delivering exceptional Chatham carpet cleaning services.

We take immense pride in our highly skilled team, ensuring you receive the utmost quality of service without any compromise. Our company holds comprehensive insurance, with experts specialising in upholstery and carpet cleaning in Chatham, ensuring the highest standards at the most affordable costs.

Be it for residential or commercial cleaning requirements, we are always eager to assist our Chatham neighbours with superior carpet cleaning services. Choose Chatham carpet cleaning for unparalleled service and excellence.

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Our Chatham Cleaning Prices

We clean carpets for Area size (max) Gold 4 Stage Clean Diamond Protect Clean
One Room 13m2 £39.00 £59.00
Two Rooms 26m2 £79.00 £99.00
Three Rooms 39m2 £99.00 £149.00
Four Rooms 52m2 £129.00 £179.00
Five Rooms 65m2 £159.00 £209.00
Staircase Average size £39.00 £69.00
Landing / Hallway 8m2 £25.00 £40.00
Total Hygiene and Allergy Protection Ensured

At our company, we ensure the complete hygiene and allergen-free status of your home as a premier provider of Chatham carpet cleaning services. Our carpet cleaners undergo extensive training to uphold the utmost levels of hygiene throughout their work. Entrust us to eliminate all varieties of dirt, dust mites, bacteria, fungus, and allergens.

Our squad of skilled professionals is committed to employing only safe and effective cleaning solutions on your sofas or rugs, ensuring the well-being of your children and pets. Opt for our superior Chatham carpet cleaning services for a thorough and considerate cleaning approach that prioritizes your family’s health and safety.


In search of unparalleled carpet cleaning services in Chatham? We stand as your most reliable choice. Our dedicated and skilled team guarantees your carpets will regain their original lustre, all while ensuring the elimination of dirt, allergens, and bacteria. We prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our clients, making us the preferred choice for Chatham carpet cleaning. Choose us for an immaculate, efficient, and trustworthy carpet cleaning experience in Chatham.

Fully insured and well-equipped, we take pride in delivering exceptional Chatham carpet cleaning services, using cleaning products that are entirely safe for both pets and children.

Choosing to work with us means expecting a warm, friendly service paired with a high-quality cleaning experience. We employ a range of effective methods including dry cleaning and hot water extraction to ensure the best possible results for your carpets.

Contact us today for a complimentary quote and let us provide you the superior Chatham carpet cleaning service you deserve!

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How to Get in Touch With Us?

Our experienced cleaners will clean all your carpets and rugs in one visit, leaving them looking like new again. To schedule an appointment or to get in touch with us, use the following method:

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Our Carpet Cleaning Methods

Steam Cleaning

This technique, also referred to as hot water extraction, stands as one of the most efficient methods for extracting dirt and dust mites from your carpets. In this approach, we spray hot water and chemicals, along with applying pressure on the carpet, followed by vacuuming the dissolved dirt. This method proves to be excellent for Chatham carpet cleaning and sofa cleaning, ensuring your fabrics are thoroughly clean and refreshed. Choose this superior method for comprehensive and effective Chatham carpet cleaning services.


Dry Compound Method

In our approach for Chatham carpet cleaning, we employ environmentally friendly cleaning agents to ensure the utmost care and cleanliness for your carpets. The process involves a detailed brushing and scrubbing of your carpet to separate all dirt, which is then efficiently vacuumed off. Opt for our eco-conscious and effective Chatham carpet cleaning service to maintain the beauty and hygiene of your carpets while protecting the environment.

How it works

Here are the three easy steps to get your items cleaned
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Our Six Step Procedure:

Hoover → PreSpray → Treat Stains → Agitate → Rinse and Extract → Deodorise
  • What Expertise Does Carpet Pro Bring to Carpet Cleaning in Chatham?

    Carpet Pro's team, led by Michael Keeves, combines extensive training with years of experience in carpet and fabric cleaning. In Chatham, a town rich in naval history and modern development, our services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of both historical homes and contemporary spaces, ensuring meticulous care and exceptional results.

  • How Does Carpet Pro Kent Address Unique Cleaning Challenges in Chatham?

    Chatham's unique blend of historical and modern structures, from the Chatham Dockyard to bustling commercial areas, presents varied cleaning challenges. Our advanced equipment, including industrial-grade machines, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, are perfectly suited to address these challenges, ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning for every property.

  • How Does Carpet Pro Kent Ensure Transparent Pricing for Carpet Cleaning in Chatham?

    We believe in honest and upfront pricing. By considering factors like carpet condition, size, and specific cleaning requirements unique to Chatham's environment, we provide accurate quotes that reflect the true value of our services. Our goal is to deliver top-quality cleaning at a fair price, ensuring satisfaction for our Chatham clients.

  • Why is Regular Carpet Cleaning Important in a Town Like Chatham?

    Regular carpet cleaning is vital in a town like Chatham, where the blend of historical attractions and modern living can bring diverse foot traffic and environmental factors. Regular cleaning not only maintains the aesthetic appeal of your carpets but also ensures a healthy and hygienic environment, befitting the dynamic and historically rich town of Chatham.

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Concerned about the condition of your furnishings in Chatham?

Fear not, as we bring the ideal resolution to your concerns! Our expert carpet cleaning in Chatham ensures that your furniture, fixtures, and other decorative items are left looking and smelling fantastic. Witness the remarkable difference by booking our unparalleled carpet cleaning in Chatham services now and experience the transformation yourself!

Pet and Child-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Service

If you’re a pet owner or have little ones at home, opting for professional carpet cleaning in Chatham is essential for ensuring the health and hygiene of your household. Many conventional carpet cleaning solutions may be laden with harmful chemicals that pose a risk to the more vulnerable members of your family.

We utilize natural, plant-derived, non-toxic solutions, complemented with advanced cleaning tools to effectively deep clean your carpets. Our eco-friendly and natural cleaning techniques assure the complete safety of your entire family, including your children and pets, safeguarding them from the potential hazards present in some cleaning products. This commitment to safety and health is fundamental to our Chatham carpet cleaning service ethos.

Understanding the significance of a clean and safe carpet especially where your children and pets frequently play, we guarantee that our cleaning methods make your carpets not just visibly clean but also hygienically safe. Trust our carpet cleaning in Chatham services for a healthy, toxin-free, and impeccable carpet cleaning experience.

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Ready to Get Your Carpet in chatham Cleaned?

Utilising the most advanced and effective cleaning techniques available today, our highly skilled technicians will thoroughly clean and deodorise your carpets and upholstery. All our methods are natural and eco-friendly, reflecting our commitment to both outstanding service and environmental responsibility. With no additional charges, the price you are quoted is the price you will pay. Anticipate exceptional carpet and upholstery care with our esteemed carpet cleaning in Chatham services, ensuring excellence and value in every job undertaken.

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