Fabric Cleaning Experience

There are different ways of gaining experienced in the fabric cleaning business, the best is to pay for the right training and gain qualifications and then obtain experience. We follow all of these to ensure the clean we do is the very best.

Firstly, experience comes with time. Michael Keeves the owner and technician has plenty of experience, he started fitting carpets before specialising in cleaning them. He prides himself on the level of service he gives to each customer and is well known where he lives in Paddock Wood, Kent with his wife and children. His other passion is being a DJ. For many years he has run a successful mobile DJ business called Crazy Kats.

Because of the quality of our work, and our customers, we have been able to invest in the business and equipment. That way you, our customer, can be sure that everything in our business – such as the cleaning equipment, a new technique, or a new range of eco-friendly chemicals – will be made available to you.

Secondly, experience comes with work, which we do plenty of.

We keep up-to date by attending training sessions yearly organised by machine and chemical suppliers and the training institutions such as the IICRC. 

Experience is also gained through work by jobs booked by real clients. 

And lastly, experience in cleaning fabrics comes with variety: the more different the fabrics, the better it will be for our technicians, variety is key as we find no two jobs are the same.

This makes all the difference in the world both for our fabric cleaning specialists, for us as a truly professional business, and for you, our client who want to entrust us with your cleaning needs to ensure we deliver the best result.

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